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October 22nd 2022




Lauryn was AMAZING! YOU NEED HER FOR YOUR WEDDING. My fiancé and I were paying for our whole wedding ourselves and we’re on a tight budget, we were debating whether we needed a coordinator and I am soooo glad we went for it. I had no idea that there are so many details that pertain to a wedding, specifically the day and week of. That’s when everything starts getting real. Lauryn was available to take my call at any time if I had a question. She held our hand and explained everything with much patience. The wedding was a success much due to her hard work. She did an excellent job handling all the vendors the week and day of. I can’t imagine having to do that all myself. She was so great that all my guests mentioned that she was great! If you’re on the fence don’t be. Weddings are stressful no matter the size and the last thing you want to do is handle vendors and timelines while you’re getting ready to be married. We loved Lauryn and highly recommend!

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