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C & H


September 23rd 2023


The Blackburn Inn - Staunton VA


Wild Heart Co.


Fox Grape Designs


Make-Up by Holly


The Bloom Trio


Sam Hill Entertainment - Dance Candy


Buttercream Dreams


"Wedding planning was one of the most stressful things I have ever been through and at times it really took an emotional toll on me. Lauryn literally was the reason I didn’t give up! As a bride, she makes you feel sane and heard even when you feel crazy. I would text her at all hours with 8 things in a row and she always responded enthusiastically. She always had a sense of humor which is really important to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Lauryn always puts the couple first and whatever we wanted was so important to her. My wedding day was supposed to be fully outside and we woke up to quite a miserable, rainy and windy day. Lauryn still asked me what I wanted and never told me that I needed to move inside. When I looked at her and asked, what if it doesn’t come together inside? She didn’t hesitate to say, it will. She gathered family, friends, staff and made a full outdoor wedding into a beautiful indoor one in just a few hours. She continued to ask me and my husband what we needed and provided it all night long. She was organized, just the right level of relaxed and unstoppable! I couldn’t be more grateful for Lauryn!"

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